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Honda's are great cars. I've had three civics -- a 2001, 2005 and I currently have a 2008 EX. Saving money on gas with the civic is one reason I could afford my Camaro. So my garage currently has both, too. I plan to keep my civic but I'll second your commercial. My '02 had 140,000 miles on it when I sold it in 2005. I replaced the alternator (probably cause of running my ham radio in it) but otherwise took only gas, oil and tires. Paid $16,000 for it and sold it for $7,000. Could have gotten more but sold to a friend. I dare say most domestic subcompacts wouldn't have fetched that kind of price with those miles. Oh, and civics get 33 mpg in TOWN and 38-40 on the highway.

They have GREAT power for a small car. I'm in a very mountainous area and the civic can climb hills and pass without having to be down shifted to 4th.

Hope you find a buyer. They will love the car!

Edit: Oh, and I'm using the civic to practice the clay bar and zaino so I'm perfect at it when I do my black camaro.
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