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Originally Posted by edbrick View Post
Whos gonna admit to ever having a mullet. I will never admit it. I mean UHH I never had one!!!
Well, people like Billy Ray Cyrus have to admit it, seeing as how there's photographic evidence and all....

On topic though, while all three have their appeal seperately, looking at the three cars side-by-side like in the photos it's really apparent how far away the Camaro is styling-wise from its rivals. On one side you have the Dodge Challenger with its wide-eyed, almost happy looking blank stare which makes it seem like it was ripped straight from the movie Cars. On the other side the Mustang looks almost plain, possibly because of the fact that it is nearly the same look we've seen all over the road (and I mean ALL OVER) since 2005. Then in the middle is that glaring, border-line psychopathic stare of the Camaro, which in the darker picture looks like it's ready to eat the other two alive. Now, granted I have an obvious Camaro/GM bias but I don't even see how there's a contest between the looks of the three.
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