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Originally Posted by Ventmaster View Post
KP my friend, there's not much that gets past you...

Yes it has been awhile Sikoriko...

My car hasn't made it home yet. We live in an imperfect world and it seems when you try the hardest to ensure that things go perfectly, you guarantee a different outcome.

The good news is the gentlemen at IPF/Evolution Motorsports down in Tempe are ethical men, and they won't send a car back to you if they know it's not right.

The car is experiencing a misfire, and we are having to go to great lengths to correct it. Jesse is standing by me and coordinating the effort.

With his help and a little luck, I still hope to get to experience the thrill of a supercharged V6 Camaro.

In the meantime, I'm relying on my old Yamaha to get around and good grief this has been a cold February!
Appreciate the information! I try to stay on top of things lol

Thats too bad, but I'm sure she will be in your hands in no time. When she is, let us know how much you love the new power.
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