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Originally Posted by Vash View Post
That's just aweful.

I would not even give them the biz at this point with that attitude. You probably should try to complain to GM and see if you can get one from someone on the MSRP list.

Good Luck.
I don't plan on it, I want to cancel my order but he tells me there is nothing to cancel...? right, can I call GM directly and have them cancel it?

I just got home from watching the new Transformer and I just got angry know that @$$$ wipe did this to me. I was really looking forward to my car, and it was going to be the first ABM in Nor cal that I know of... Now if I can't cancel it he is going to sell it to someone else.

I remember he asked me who I was to talk to him like this... Uh I am/could have been a paying customer jerk off!

How was I talking to him I was just asking him why I can't get the car I ordered...
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