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Originally Posted by Monchy36 View Post
I saw your SIG and I have to come here to find out what you're up too... So this photo is not you real car? I almost fall on the floor! That look is so Cool!!! Can't wait to see the final result!!!
Monchy, Thanks for the high praise! I'm glad you like it. You are correct, these are not real pictures of the car. I worked with Vengeance to take a couple of photos and altered them to come up with the right look for what I was going for. It took us a coupe weeks to get it just right. Then worked with SLP and Altauto on the specifics and to get their buy-in to go to production with it.

SLP doesn't actually have a public release of a ZL770, they go full public production up to ZL700, what we did is take my ZL600 as a baseline and then combine that with the 770 package and a few other things in the mix and out comes the ZL770. They have actually only put together one other ZL770 which is black with white stripes and went to a lucky winner of a charity raffle.

So it is pretty cool to have been this involved and to have one of 2 out there like it, and the only Hugger Orange ZL. I look forward to seeing how it all turns out. Altauto is a beast at auto body and paint. I was told they are doing approximately 6 coats of base, applying the stripes and then 5-6 coats of clear. Something close to that. So with the PPG quality paint and all the layers, it should really shine and be durable.

Also, I know I'm in good hands with SLP piecing together all the right components for the build and the custom built and forged 427. This thing should sound ferocious.

I think the target time frame of completion is late April.
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