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Having the same experience with them, I ordered my car back in December, and have been told the whole time that they would sell it to me at MSRP with no markups, now that my car is due here in a week I am being told that they are adding $4000 to my car. They have had 7 months to tell me they were going to rip me off, and they tell me a week before my car gets here. With my car coming any day, I just wasted 7 months waiting for this car, and now will not buy it because of these lying swindlers.

I have been talking to EVERYONE at the dealership, what a bunch of lying scum bags they all are, I have talked to the salesmen there, two of the managers, the general manager, and even the Sullivans; they are all the same. Everyone one of them have told me the same thing as they have told paul, screw off.

I'm with you Paul, you have my number so give me a call and we will work on getting media and what not.
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