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So I have about 650 miles on the car so far. I have opened it up a few times and the car is very deceptive as to how fast it gets to 80mph Monday (June 29th) is getting closer and closer and I am getting excited about the AHR headers and Tune that will be happening that day. I am also having them weld in an 02 bung for future when I want to get FI and include an Air/Fuel wideband gauge. I am also excited because Andy will hopefully have his 427 car there with the 3 in magnaflow axelback installed. This is what I will be looking to do in the NEAR future after the AHR install (the axelback that is not the 427 )

I also inquired to LMR about their CAI and may try to get one before Monday if possible. I will do a baseline dyno and then a dyno after all the work is done. I'll post all the information I can!

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