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Thanks for the reply, that is a good point about the warranty. How do you know if any regular filter Fram, Napa or other would or would not void the warranty?

I found this on their web site:
37Degree Filters™ filters meet or exceed all manufacturers’ minimum requirements. The installation of a 37Degree Filters™ product does not impact the vehicle’s factory warranty. The Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, along with US Federal Trade Commission Act and the Clean Air Act, states in Title 15, United States Code, Section 2302, subdivision (c): a manufacturer may not require the use of any brand of oil filter (or any other part) unless that manufacturer provides that said item free of charge under the terms of that warranty.

Also what you state about the flying public is very true, we are having to deal with that as well. The 787 pushes the technology envelope in a lot places. But I know as time goes by the industry and the public will love flying this plane.
Being a part of the TEAM that builds and delivers the Boeing 787, tweaking the ZL1 should be FUN!!

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