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Originally Posted by Steve Dallas View Post
Haven't played in a couple of months. Got my monk through everything, could do the level 3 stuff (end game, can't remember the term) ok, but not 4. Searching for keys was a pain, so hadn't really spent a lot of time grinding for keys.
Got the plans for the infernal machine last night. Been doing runs for the act 1 key but no luck so far. Just bumped my dps up to over 100k yesterday, and i'm trying a new build out for higher MP farming. Going to try to farm the keys on MP5 at least there it's a 50/50 shot.

I mostly have just been doing act3/4 on MP0 as a TR monk flying through. I've gotten like 6 paragons in the past few days and about 3/4m in gold/drops.
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