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WI requires a front plate and I had heard several stories of LEOs in my area stricly enforcing it with warnings and even tickets. I didnt let the dealer install the front plate bracket as I planned something different with out drilling any holes.

Before I could get the front plate on I was driving to work one morning and I needed gas so I wheeled in to a station that many LEOs take there break at. Seeing 2 county and 1 city cop car parked there I make a loop so that the rear of the car is toward the window where the officers are sitting. As I am filling up they come out and get in there cars and then totally box me in, one in front one behind and one on the left side they all get out. All I could think was here we go....first ticket is going to be for not having a front plate. All they wanted was to inspect the car and we talk for 20 minutes. They made me leave first so they could hear her roar. None of them even mentioned not having the front plate and I was late for work.

They all wave at me when they see me in town now.
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