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I'm thinking of going a different route with the seats. The STATUS seats are really nice, but come at a cost. Which I realize sometimes you just have to pay for quality.

I've been looking at Corbeau Seats, the TRS and CR1 both seem to be good seats and I can have a submarine hole added to run a 5 point harness, I can also get seat heaters and lumbar support with all hardware for half the price. Pics of the seats are below. I need to go and have some seat time to know for sure if I like them. I'm still thinking these are the way to go. I can have the upholsterer at AltAuto redo the stitching to Orange to match the rest of the car. Once I make the order I'll post up which route I'm going.

I wish they made after markets seats with side airbags.



I'm looking into other options as well, like Recaro and Cobra. Those are premium seats at a premium cost and so far it seems Corbeau is the only one that will do the submarine hole on a reclining seat.
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