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Originally Posted by RoadieWingZ View Post
Congrats on the COTW win and thanks for taking time to show me around your beautiful ride tonight at Cabelas and explaining the setup on your exhaust. That's definitely the sound I'd like to achieve from my LFX; deep and throaty without that flat tinny sound that V6's tend to make if not done correctly like yours. There's no way I'll ever be able to put as much into my car as you have, but you definitely gave me a lot of ideas to consider and I hope to get a few of them done as time and funds permit.
Thanks so much for the kind words about the car I hope that you are able to do the exhaust sound your way and make it stand out in the v6 crowd. It was no problem showing you I love to see people wanting to mod their camaros there's to many stock ones sometimes but make it your own and enjoy the ride
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