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next mods - it was time to drop the bumpers
tram and the other 11/12 guys know already, but while i was waiting for my car i did a lot of black friday/cyber monday shopping for mods, and received all of them well before the car lol...
so, i was lucky in that i could knock at a couple mods at a time when i had the bumpers down. the bumper covers are extremely easy to get off and only require a T15 and 7mm socket iirc...
first up was my AAC LED smoked reverse lights and Oracle ghosted concept LED sidemarkers...

i love these lights...the reverse lights are amazing in the camera at night now, and the sidemarkers quickly got me a ton of compliments, especially from the import guys who can't find anything like these for their VWs lol
i remember the instructions for the sidemarkers said you could replace the lights without taking the bumper off, and i made an attempt at that. but they must figure people have sticks for arms or something, because it just didn't feel like that was gonna happen for me without possibly damaging the car, especially up front.
i also removed my taillight bezels for painting while the bumper was down...i tried to remove them before, but the fit around the bottom was too snug. so again, not wanting to damage/scratch the car, i waited since i knew the bumper was coming off at some point, and had a much easier time.
here are my bezels after wetsanding, and 3 coats of krylon satin black...much better IMO
Build thread linked in the pic...

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