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3D Renderings and such...
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2010 Baldwin Motion Phase III Camaro details

As featured on homepage.

Hey folks!

I just wanted to post up some news coming from the folks at Baldwin Motion. I've been working with them on a design for a Phase III 2010 Camaro and they've just unveiled it on their website,

Some of the finer details are still being ironed out right now, but here is the story thus far:

There will be 25 built-to-order Phase III Camaros with power output starting at 570hp. The cars will feature a custom front grille, heat extractor hood, and a deck lid with an integrated spoiler and 3rd brake light. There will be several wheel and tire choices including an option for custom painted wheel centers and redline tires.

For more information on the Phase III program including pricing, color options, and availability, feel free to call Larry Jaworske at 941.713.8443.

I hope you all enjoy the renderings and everyone's input is much appreciated!

Kris Horton

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