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Originally Posted by SoCal Swagger View Post
Since i'am going to do sways i was considering a strut brace aswell. Can someone break it down for me. I posted pics to kinda of demonstrate what iam talking about.

I see how the BMR brace are bolted strait to the strut then i seen the oem 1LE brace and Hotchkis are bolted to what appears to be the car. Like the oem and Hotchkis brace how does that brace the strut if its not bolted to it.
A strut tower brace does not brace the strut itself but atcually braces the strut tower and helps keep the towers from flexxing in any way. The silver Camaro with the BMR strut tower brace is a 2010 or early 2011 Camaro and the green Camaro is a late 2011 and newer Camaro that actually has different style strut towers which is why the strut tower braces mount up so differently.
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