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HELLO!!! Here is another UPDATE on the 22nd annual CAMARO SUPERFEST 2013!!!

As you can see from the previous posts – our registration IS open! either online, using paypal/credit card services –or- download and print off our form, fill it out and mail it in. We have received both items already and we’re just a week into our official event timing! Here’s the BIG scoop…

Online registrations went live at 7pm on Sunday, Feb 17th. Congratulations Susie and Jeff Weeks from Swartz Creek, Michigan. They were the first to register at 7:02pm and thus, also the first from Michigan! Next was Bonnie & Jim Szydlowski from Michigan at 7:10pm. We also had 6 different states and Canada register! Check out these great Camaro owners -
Jim Wilkins from Kentucky
Shane Hudson from Ohio
Chad Ennis from Indiana
David Stewart from Missouri
Bill Janicki from Minnesota
Eric Johnson from Illinois and
Marc Hall from Ontario, Canada
And all of these people were in the top 20 and within the first 5 hours of registration!! In all, we had 42 registrations in the first 24 hours!! More have come in, plus the few via regular US mail, giving us a total in one week of 52!
WOW... normally it takes us near 2 months to get to 50 registrations. THANK-YOU all for your great support!!

While we had our glitches... our great IT Team of Samantha and Matt figured it all out and got us on track asap. We were actually swamped with well over 300 applications... however, as you can see by the actual results, most of these were repeat entries as people tried to get as low a number as possible and entered many (many!) times. Our IT Team tells me that one person even emailed and apologized for sending in over 30 registrations! Another message received said that he was using a direct link (posted on facebook) and got in while shopping at Wal-Mart! Has to be a CSF first!

We’re looking to download and update the registrations each Friday. We hope that will keep you up to date fast enough and watch our registrations climb!

OH – please remember… when you register, the Friday is PER CAMARO, not per person!! Several people registered with this as per person, marking 2 needed. Those that did so, we’ll refund that extra $15 to you at the event (unless we can figure out how to do a credit refund).

THANKS again for your support!! We are looking forward to hosting you at our event!! If you have any questions, feel free to post here, or email me –
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