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Originally Posted by CrystalRedTintcoat View Post
Tram: I'm not trying to dog Chevy entirely here. I guess this paint issue threw me over the edge. It just reeks of bad quality. Look. I'm totally ok with cost savings done right like no door to the trunk fuse box and only a passenger side back seat pocket. But the wheels and My Link are crown jewel type features to this car and the 2SS package. They are things for which I was willing to pay. extra. But a non sealed paint job and a my link that keeps resetting itself and jumbling my layout creates grave concern for me personally.

And sure. I get on my car like you, perhaps. And maybe the half shaft issue and the strut snap are user caused incidents; I've considered this similarly. But then I start to wonder "what if"....

Quality is both real and perceived. A seemingly simple paint decision (or lack thereof) behind the wheels seems innocuous .... Or is it?
I don't believe the wheels are an quality issue for me... paint or no paint. The orange peel and thin paint is, but I don't think it is an indicator of a poor quality vehicle. Sad but most paint jobs today on cars suck!!

The radio is flaky and I would suggest getting it flashed. FWIW chevy needs a little dogging every now and then.
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