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Originally Posted by chrisgalles View Post
What kind of wheels are those on the red Camaro with the red lip?
Special wheels only available in a package deal for the ZL575.
Originally Posted by Indpowr View Post
Nice but did they have trouble getting rims ready for the event? THR CGM car is sticking out bad in the rear.
They did not make my rims. I was told they'd be available for purchase through GM dealers by August. Are they going to be readY? NOPE. You have to spend 22THOUSAND dollars to get the ZL1 package to get the wheels. Absolutley ABSURD! So, they refused to sell me the wheels. One person says yes, another says no....

And I was told, "If I sell them to you, I'll have to sell them to everyone." I said, "ISN'T THAT THE POINT?!?" I am SO pissed off...
Originally Posted by Jeanius View Post

Are these wheels going to be available for purchase?
At this time, no. I pray they are available in the near future.
Originally Posted by Supercop29 View Post
what Chrome wheels was on the Gray LS3?
Torque thrusts
Originally Posted by trm0002 View Post
What- no picture of the beer cooler? Your priorities are messed up.
it's in the trunck...;D
Originally Posted by SemperFi View Post
The wheels on the red one are the Dale Jr concept wheels. They are available for purchase. I agree that they look absolutely SWEET!
No. They are not. They are special made 20" SLP wheels. They are almost identitcal to the Dale wheels, though.
Originally Posted by BigMatt View Post
Do those "SS" emblems bolt right in place of the chevy symbol on the rear?
Originally Posted by Mason44 View Post
Wow wish I could have been there. Just look at all them awesome looking camaros.
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