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Originally Posted by Lukeko View Post
Hey Sharp ZL1 - I forgot to mention, that I am actually going with the GT-X for the narrower top from the Ring and the slightly larger bottom since I'm 6'0 and about 190lbs. I think that the fit will be more appropriate. Also, the narrower top will be helpful since I'm going to have the roll bars.

I now know why! I sat in the Ring GT earlier and my back and hips actually fit. The lower leg portion is way too tight. I thought we were over the "European/Asian" sized fittings for people in America. Please get a clue manufacturers, I'm not a female and starving myself to fit into a dress!? WTF do they want to sell seats or what? They are an American based company make a Frakkin custom sized seat for bigger sized people. I'm 6'0 240lbs it's not that difficult? Never was a problem with my size as a Firefighter! Not a problem when I bought my Cobra seats, they fit at first sitting. I have never been small. The Status dealer took measurements and will call his source. Thank you rant over!
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