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Originally Posted by Sharp ZL1 View Post
I now know why! I sat in the Ring GT earlier and my back and hips actually fit. The lower leg portion is way too tight. I thought we were over the "European/Asian" sized fittings for people in America. Please get a clue manufacturers, I'm not a female and starving myself to fit into a dress!? WTF do they want to sell seats or what? They are an American based company make a Frakkin custom sized seat for bigger sized people. I'm 6'0 240lbs it's not that difficult? Never was a problem with my size as a Firefighter! Not a problem when I bought my Cobra seats, they fit at first sitting. I have never been small. The Status dealer took measurements and will call his source. Thank you rant over!
Did they have the GTX there as well? Yeah most fixed back seats are very snug. It does make a significant difference on the track though. The spa seems nice and a decent chunk wider as too. Seats are much like shoes, will drive you nuts and create discomfort if they don't fit right. However, you get a good quality shoe and a good fit, you can go for hours comfortably.
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