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#15418 is HERE!!!! IOM SS/RS........WOW!!!!!!

Just got home. This car is simply AMAZING!!!! The power is unbelievable and handles tight! Kept the RPM's relatively low though. But you can feel the POWER!!!!!

It was a stressful drive home though with bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway. Not cool, but I made it. This car turns heads and I got a lot of thumbs up on the way home and several people had their cell phone / cameras out taking pictures. That was pretty cool. People love this car. I love this car. Probably didn't hurt with Transformers 2 opening yesterday.

The IOM exterior paint is wicked (great) and the orange interior is not that overwhelming as I thought it would be (I had serious buyers remorse when I pre-ordered on the interior color). The orange blends in so well with the black interior. Stripes go on next Tuesday. Should look even wicked-er ('mo better).

The car drives really well and I think the suspension is great. Didn't get a chance to really test the curves yet, but you can feel it tight to the ground.

The bluetooth setup was a breeze. The Salesman and I did the setup in less than 2 minutes. Tested the phone out on the drive home and the sound / speaker quality is excellent. Next up, Ipod.

The exhaust is a bit quiet though, I was expecting it to be a bit louder. No complaints though. When you goose it up a bit, you can hear her come to life. No worries, soon enough the Corsa exhaust, headers, air intake and Magna Supercharger will be added. Not now, but some time in the future. I'll enjoy the warranty for a bit.

Its been a long 8 months with tremendous anticipation waiting for this car and its been a long strange trip, but it was well worth the wait. Lot's of drama with the first dealer closing shop and then chasing down the new dealer and finding out where my order was at. It all worked out and in the end, I highly recommend Fremont Chevrolet in CA and the Salesman, Chris Sims, who was extremely professional and honored the MSRP pricing. Thanks Chris. I appreciate you and your staff's professionalism working with me and keeping me updated on a very frequent basis. Chris probably sighed every time he saw my email pop up, but he was very responsive.

Thanks to everyone on the website and forums, I've learned so much about this car and enjoy the comaraderie (wow, that looks close to camaro.....). I hope those who are still waiting receive their rides soon. Well worth the wait. You will not be disappointed. Cheers to all.

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