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Originally Posted by irocnroll View Post
Reviews on Best Buy and Amazon collectively is 1 star. Thats crazy for such an anticipated game. The fact you need to connect to a server to play single player is pretty stupid. I get its good for a world wide economy, but what if you wanted to play it offline where you didnt have a net connection.

With that aside, how is the gameplay once you actually get in? Are the buildings randomly generated like SC2000 or is it more like SC4 where you pick the building you want and place it?
Actually, it isn't crazy. These days, I believe those ratings are meaningless. Take, as an example, ratings for a book that was recently released called A Memory of Light. On Amazon, it got rated a 1 because all the people that couldn't get it digitally through Kindle were pissed at a 2 month wait. The book was still excellent, however people these days have a right here/right now mentality. Basically, the ratings of the book got skewed because of this.

Thing is...pretty much every game that has been a MMO has had a shakedown time. WoW & Diablo 3 were recent examples. Asheron's Call and other games also went through this on release.

In the last 2 days, I've not lost my games like in the beginning. There have been at least 2 patches since release...and my last game has been pretty problem free.

I will say that it is VERY hard to beta test a game like this with real world stress testing.

As far as gameplay, it's pretty good. I'm still wrapping my head around how regions and trade work. You have zones, and the buildings get build automatically. Specific buildings like Fire Stations, Police Stations, Landfills, etc...are placed individually, and have components that add and enhance what those buildings can do.
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