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Everyone with a Spoiler... PLEASE READ!


EDIT #2: Lock washers, Lock tight, Nylocks etc are a MUST!!!!
I cranked mine down and one month later they are all loose again

My spoiler felt completely tight, but for grins I pulled the plastic caps off the access holes and found ALL 4 were LESS than finger tight. (2 more nuts under the cover) Would not have been long before they fell off and started floating around inside the trunk lid.

My spoiler has never been off,,, even for stripe installation. Since the nuts are covered and spoiler feels tight this is something that could easily be missed in QC inspections. Maybe they left them that way for cars getting stripe installs. My installer didn't need to remove the spoiler

Do youself a favor next time you're in the trunk... pull the caps off and check...

A 10mm deepwell socket and ratchet will fix you up...

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