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FWIW, my 1LE is my DD, and I like the hill assist. I don't feel like I have any delay with it or anything like that. I know you have 2 seconds to do something before it disengages itself.

Also, my driveway is really steep, had to fix the driveway some so I don't scrape up the car, and I haven't had any issues with hill assist when going in, going out, whatever... the only way I know of to engage it when going in and out, is if you're stopping. When I back up, I keep the clutch in and just use the brake to control the speed. Easy. The backup camera stays on as long as you're in reverse, doesn't matter if you keep the clutch down.

I suppose if you've been driving standard for a while, it may take some adjustment. I've been driving automatics for a really long time so I find hill assist to be pretty convenient, modern... advanced? For me it's a win. To each his own though.
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