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Originally Posted by TRR View Post
I might be selling mine if I can find a set of forged chrome wheels I like.

shoot let me know if you do!

Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
Here are MSRP for the wheel stuff

wheel, alloy 20"x10", code: RSK MSRP $1,111.05 (2222.1)
wheel, alloy 20"x11", code: RSK MSRP $1,114.02 (2228.04)
center cap aluminum wheel, blackMSRP $13.67 (54.68)
wheel nut aluminum wheelMSRP $3.59 (71.80)
tpms sensor ZL1MSRP $65.48 (261.92)

Wheels etal best price shipped was 3900

Best deal I could find for tires shipped 1368.00

Best deal I could find retail to my door before taxes was 5268. They still need to be mounted and balanced and most important be available. So for all who have scored these wheels in like new condition for these ridiculously low quoted figures of 3k or even less you raped the sellers.

I have decided to go down to 5500, shipped.
i was able to get it cheaper from taxi parts since i only live 30 mins away from them.. around 4k.. but still that is alot.. one of my club member got super lucky.. drove up to NY and got it for 1800... i almost shit my paint when he showed me.. he got super lucky!
but for me.. i had to pass on a set for 2800 shipped.. since i had to spend the extra cash i had saved up for family situation...
so it is out there! but its just timing and luck i guess..

5500 lol maybe ill keep an eye on you till you drop it even lower LOL
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