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Originally Posted by xVengeancex28 View Post
Update: Just ordered some stuff from Adams Car Care Havent had a good chance to really detail the car since i picked her up since the beginning of Janurary. The car has tons of swirls from the previous owner that stick out like a sore thumb so im hoping to have this looking back to showroom after the whole machine polishing. Since the weather will be getting nicer i figured id get my clean on lol

Will eventually be doing before and after photos as well to show the difference

That's all I use Chris, and it's the best stuff I've ever used in 20+ years of waxing/detailing my cars. Did you get a Porter Cable? That's the best investment you can make to go with the Adam's products, I believe he sells them on the site but Ebay may have them a little cheaper.

Seeing your NJ license plates, reminds me I should check NJ to see if they have my custom plate available. Soon I'll be doing the anti LL Cool J song, Going Back to Jersey, and then maybe we can hook up for some cruises.
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