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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post, the ZL1 should be dropped, it was a replacement for the Z/28. Use the platform engineering developments, engineering concepts and overall development that was learned from the project and incorporate it into the Z/28 along with the DI next gen motor, and Pedders.. We always had SS and Z/28, we need no more than that historicaly.
It was not a replacement for the Z28. GM saw what they had created was NOT a Z28. It was/is a ZL1. In Gen1 they had 3 SS's 4 if you include the 427 SS. There IS room for a Z28 & a ZL1 as they are different Camaros as designed. The Z28 has never in its history competed against the GT500. The ZL1 has been brought back to do just that, cause the GT500 ain't goin' away.
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