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Originally Posted by jasonpope2003 View Post
How is testing it both ways being naive?

It it gives a increase then it obviously does something if it doesn't its garbage flat and simple
but Lethal whom has a sterling rep believe they work and have no connection to the company other than being a huge supporter of the original intake.

I'm betting he makes about 25 bucks at most on one.. that is not worth lieing to sell to ruin a rep.

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That's fine, I've been next to the Dyno during testing of this gimmick and it showed nothing during back to back testing. Not gonna mention who cause they are a sponsor and so us vararam. You can pick up 10 hp on a cammed and heads car just by cooling it off lol.

Sorry bud but I just don't buy it that's all. Nothing against you or anything, what bothers me is that vararam threw this at is started selling it and they never came back to defend their product or get into details of how it's supposed to work they just left us bickering. Just saying.
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