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L99 w/ American Racing Headers & Tune...I got your 0-60 right here.

ORIGINAL DYNOS on these mods:

I did this tonight...still pretty hot and humid, but just to show you guys having trouble how much 2 small mods will help...
ARH headers and my man Bluecat on the tune...

This car is no factory freak, its just an average L99, that didn't run that great before...not that its a speed freak now, its just MUCH improved.
Even my wife (who was coming from our BMW 335i) said the camaro was SLOW before...she admits its faster now.

All I did was brake it to 1000rpm and floor it, sorry if the camera shook some, it does pull alot better now.

Anyone on the fence about American Racing Headers with a Dyno need to get off it and do it, especially you L99 guys, it will make a Night and Day difference in your car. When Bluecat was wrapping up the tune, he said,"This sure doesn't feel like a car that runs 13.9 now."


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