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This "he said, she said" regarding "Corvette engine" usage belies one always-in-play FACT: Put the same engine in a 3900 lb vehicle and it will NOT outperform a 3200 lb vehicle, all other things being similar, which of course they're not...

It was the same at Ford when the 540 hp engine was used in the far-superior (dynamically) GT chassis than in the GT 500 Stang. GT outran the bigger/heavier/less-dynamic Stang...and so would the Vette. By its very nature, the Vette maintains a certain performance superiority over the Camaro...

The GT 500 is on a par, now, with the mid-decade GT only because of an extra 100+ hp...and improved GY tires.

Try that recipe on the 1SS/1LE Gen-5 Camaro with LS7 motor-vation and Michelin Pilot SS or Cup tires...and then watch the competition cringe!
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