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Originally Posted by kdoske View Post
sigh, I know you are saying its hot but im still clocking this at 5 seconds to 60. So, spend $1800, get a tune, and ALMOST get your advertised times from the manufacturer specs--lame.

The L99 is a real disappointment to me right now. Im sure 100 people will reply to this post telling me im crazy but im sorry, these are just not the numbers I was expecting on my Auto Camaro.

My timing method was the stopwatch on the Iphone and I would push start when the RPM's reached 1k on the TACH.
Whatr ya crazy!?!?!?!!!! That was shit hot! LAME my ass!!

hehe. jk. But really. An amateur driver just mashing the pedal in an auto... thats still a pretty hot time. just my opinion.

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