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I'm a Mustang guy... My previous Mustang had been in a couple magazine... I know a quite a few of the very well respected members of the Mustang community... A good friend of my owns a very very respected Mustang shop...

All that being said... I simply could not get past the horribly ugly rear end of the 2010 Mustang... I don't mind the rest of the car... but that back end... ugh! I was hoping Ford would put the 350 HP V6 Ecoboost in the 2011 Mustang when they redo the power train... Nope... they are going with the 3.7, which right now is around 270HP... (Please do not turn this into a V8 discussion! LOL!!!! )

So here I am with a new Camaro! Guess it's time to redo my website LOL!
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