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Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
I understand that entirely and have said it many times but, and this is the key, if we know that, then GM knows that. So why haven't they used the high peformance Corvette engines in the Camaro in any recent cars?
Cost. LS7 and LS9 are handbuilt and and were developed to be in higher priced Z06 and ZR1. The LSA is mass produced with less exotic materials and developed to be used in lower priced applications. To compete in the market at the Camaro price point has thusfar precluded GM from using the handbuilt premium Corvette engines.

That isn't to say they couldn't but it would likely mean cutting out profit or building the car at a loss or raising the price out of the it's target market or even removing some of the cost from the engine.

Lot's of options. None have been done yet.
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