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Originally Posted by MZ1 View Post
IF you read or seen my post I've probably owned more Chevy's in my lifetime than you have sir. I got tired of getting my ass and wallet kicked every time I bought a new one, plus dealing with the scum bag dealers what not a fun time. 22 years later I am just about ready to buy this fantastic ZL1. I come onto these forums and find nothing has changed. I was hoping something would have changed in that long time frame. I am sorry, but it's a $60K car NOT a $18K car. It shouldn't have all these problems I see folks on HERE complaining about and then go to down to their dealers and have problems dealing with the dealer. I really really want the car, but I'm afraid really afraid to pull the trigger. Sorry IF you don't or can't understand that.
Ohh yeh the ZL1 in the MotorTrend test did get beat by a GT500 as it should. The ZL1 is minus 80 HP, plus it's heavier. Chevy should up the ant a little on the HP just like they did back in good ol 60's. Another 50 to 80HP would never hurt plus not many Chevy fans would complain on that one.
For every 1 person on here that has had issues with the car there are probably 10 or more that have had no issues - but yet you are only deciding to listen to the few with problems.

And don't forget it is the ones with problems that will shout the loudest - go to any forum for any product ever made and you will find lots of threads complaining about problems - and that's because many people only join forums like this specifically for advice on an issue they are facing - the ones with no problems never even register other than the select few enthusiasts.

Aside from that there is not one single manufacturer out there that has EVER made a car that has not had a few with problems - it happens - and that is what the warranty is for.

If you want to let an experience 22 years ago cloud your judgement now then that is your prerogative, but it's also your loss.
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