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Originally Posted by MZ1 View Post
I hear ya. I come from a GM family from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and early 90's. GM did not make the greatest cars quality wise those years. After my last new GM car a '91 Vette I gave up on them. When I saw this amazing, increadible ZL1 come out last year I was willing to give them another shot. When I came on here an starting reading the posts it kinda freaked me out and scared me. I would really be pissed if I layed out $60K and had a bunch of problems. I still may buy the car, but I am little hesitant at the moment. I did get a ride in one and that is what really sold me on it. It is an awesome car.
Well then listen to those of us that have the car and love it rather than the select few who have issues that they are letting get to them.

And do your homework on the local dealers - Selecting the right dealer is the battle, because without doubt some are better than others - that's not just a GM thing either, that goes for every manufacturer out there.

If you select the right dealer you're golden and with the Internet and all the information out there like these forums it is easy enough to make informed decisions.

Although don't expect perfection - no car is perfect, it never will be - sometimes little issues will crop up but thats what the warranty is for and as long as they get resolved it really doesn't matter.

You have to keep things in perspective, but unfortunately a few people on here are unable to do that.

Is my car perfect, no, but is it the best car I've ever owned in my life, absolutely!
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