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Summary: I was very satisfied with the performance of the device, when I was performing a test scenario that I know from experience would have caused the AFM to activate – it did not. I believe from a performance standpoint, the Range Technology AFM Disable Device performs “as advertised”. It was nice not to feel as though there was any lack of power (4 cylinder mode) and acceleration from a cruise status was crisp and non-hesitant. I will continue putting myself in different situations that (without the device) would likely engage the AFM system, and report any additional findings. Meanwhile, if any C5 Forum Members can come up with other scenarios that I have not covered, please PM me and I will attempt to test it. Again – no WOT or drag racing requests. I do not beat my car. Thanks you all. Hope this is helpful.[/QUOTE]
Nice review Palmer. I could not have said it better myself. I am just pleased to be able to drive in V8 mode only when in D. I am sure I will continue to use the paddles occasionally. But the drives I take around here, AI know exactly where AFM kicks in, and now it absolutely does not. No more vibration, no more weird exhaust sound.
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