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Originally Posted by PalmerGA View Post
I was asked this by another C5 member. Kind of tricky for me, as I don't have a personal relationship with my dealer's maintenance folks - at least not to the point where I could just ask them to check for traceability. After racking up some miles with the device on, removing and replacing it and so forth, I may come up with a made up reason to bring it in and have them do a diagnostic (like faking some kind of transmission issue), but I'm not sure I feel real good about doing that. Their time is valuable and I'd hate to keep someone with a REAL problem waiting because of this. We'll see.
I wouldn't condone lying to a service department.

I'm sure we can find a tuner (independant source, might have to pay a bit though) here who can view the ECM and see if any permanent modifications were made. Simply viewing the ECM settings will not increment the flash counter. The only problem I see with that is this device will cut into their business since part of a tune is generally to turn off AFM.
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