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Nice test Palmer!

1. Device Installation was a very simple process. The device plugs directly into the On Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) port, located under the dash in the driver’s compartment. The port is to the left of the Hood Release lever (see photo). The device can only be plugged in one way so it should not be a problem for anyone to install.
NOTE: I installed the device with the ignition in the full OFF position, even though no directions provided stated to do it that way – just made sense to me. I will neither plug in nor unplug the device with the ignition on.
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Looking at your pic of the device, I'm wondering if I have enough foot/leg room not to knock it out of the port?
Size 14 boots.......and 36" inseam, I need room!

I was on a 545 mile road trip yesterday....and the Phuckin' AFM was driving me nuts.
You tested some hills, but my biggest issues were when I was going down a long grade in V4 and a 1/3 of the way up the grade it would kick into V8 mode.

Back and forth....back and forth!

I would finally drop it into manual 6 gear mode, to lock it out.
This sucks when passing in a pinch and you forget it's in manual sixth ......there is NO downshifting!

This can be dangerous for a split second, until you quickly play with the shifter, so the blasted thing will you the power to pass that slow poke, holding every one up!

I will be ordering one soon, but I need to find out more on the physical space it consumes.
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