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Project Gt500 slayer is almost done

The final stage of the project is almost finished.. car started this afternoon and all thats left is the meth install and then off to tune and dyno, then off to Bradenton for the real stuff..

here is a quick vid.. just a start file and start up to make sure everything was sealed up.. car bounces to 14 pounds by like 4000 it is going to be interesting for sure to see how much boost it makes. The blower speed is going to be about 25,000 rpm..i cant find the chart but I remember calculating it to about that. im thinking it will be about 18 pounds. Even with the extreme porting im pretty sure the blower is maxxxxxed out..any more speed and even if i can keep the inlet temps down and octane high enough the rotor speed will soon start getting into a very dangerous redline.. i know they explode about 26,000

mods list
I.D 850 injectors
LPE cold air
LPE 2.38 upper pulley
N/w 102 tb
LPE 9.11 lower pulley
TSP 2" headers
C.B.I custom grind (nickname E.S.A.D)
Ported blower and snout (baron racing lol)
head studs
ls9 gaskets
C.B.I custom meth kit (single nozzle for now)
3600 rpm stall ( i am hoping its not to loose)
20" weld RT's front and back...
DSX tuneing

goal... anything in the 10s on a 20" tire and any mph over 130.. Im pretty sure im there..


2011 cts-v coupe (pinky) wifes car.. ls9 cam c.a.i. 11.44
2007 corvette vert ..retired..
2013 zl1 stock blower stock ci 20" wheels 10.36 far..

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