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Slow speed cruise...

On my way home last night, I took a road that had some pretty good hills so I could test a scenario to confirm the AFM was fully disabled with the Range installed. Approaching a long (1/4 of a mile or so ahead of me) upgrade of probably around 25-30 degrees from horizontal, I slowed down to 35mph and set the cruise control. The SS took the hill in stride with all 8 cylinders clicking. No lag. No downshift. No ugly exhaust sounds. It was great.

Also, as forty5th requested...
Originally Posted by forty5th
One more request for those that have one already... Unplug it for a day, drive and assess if your car performs normal, AFM turns on, etc... just to assure that the product only works when plugged-in thus AFM was not permanently disabled or ECM flashed
I unplugged the device when I got home and will drive without it long enough to make sure the AFM "performs" as intended. Stand by.
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