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Originally Posted by wyocamaro View Post
Rally disclaimer:
Thanks to all that went and put some faith in the unknown. It was really good to meet everyone.
I will send a spreadsheet with all contact info tomorrow afternoon. Then we can add to it as needed. Can't make the 4th.
Maybe the auto L99 will have someone to play with next time
Nice job Larry More to follow in a few days
BUT WHEN WE DROPPED BACK IN THE CANYON I NOTICED YOU WERE KEEPING UP WITH BOWTIE GUY AND I WITHOUT ANY TROUBLE!. (Yes I am shouting I was very impressed with both you guys driving cause I was in the rocking chair and know that I was having a real blast for a few miles.

The more I think about the whole trip the bigger grin I get. That whole day was so much fun. I also have to say that I too was impressed by the abilities of that Auto L99 guy and what his car was able to do. After seeing the horror stories of the low power output from the l99 I think he has dispelled those rumors in my eyes. And major props to 2SSONLY. I told her already and will now point out to all that saw it themselves. SHE IS A DRIVER! For the short time I was right behind her heading out from Walden, she was cutting lines like Dale Earnhardt JR. Her acceleration out of corners was perfect. Her entry was perfect. I was really amazed at the control that little gal has over her beast. I would run with her on any road and time. MtCamaro, nothing needs to be said about his skills other than good job and it shows he has the most time behind the wheel of his new Camaro. Tom always kept quiet but he was always grinning so I know he was having some fun with his boy. They both always had the biggest sh&% eating grins on every time we stopped. What a trip and James thanks so much for putting this whole thing together. I cant wait for the next one and a whole new set of memories.
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