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Originally Posted by LeanPocket View Post
screw that hippie stuff ill be sure to buy the lopiest highest reving cam on the market when i buy my ls7 camaro.

Nobody cares about MPG's, warranties, or the planet's general well being here at camaro5.
...well, if the ignoramuses would like to vote, I guess you would be the speaker...just sayin.....
Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
I doubt we are at peak oil. The government just wants to force us to use renewable technologies even though they are limited and not as practical as oil., we are struggling to meet our National energy goals, and GM is in the works with the GOV to help further this independance we are striving for. Sidenote, CA shale, with the pipeline to LA/TX refinery region must be brought forth as expeditiously as possible through Congress to buy NA some time to bring cleaner more fuel efficient technology products to market. This fossil fuel energy thing is timebomb, whether or not one wants to admit to it.
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