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Originally Posted by The Baron View Post
Lol light bolt on gt500 huh? Lol with the converter UNLOCKED I'm shooting for upper 600s.. I say unlocked because we are doing the street tuning right now and I can already tell the converter clutch can't hold. Looking for low 700s after its fixed.. this combo is not new and makes 770s in 6 speed cars.. I'm going to Bradenton and running the car then coming home and taking the converter out and sending it in..

Here is a good idle vid

I'm running meth and so far we are to about 15#s at PART throttle runs. With the meth the fuel pump will be fine.
Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to slam u or your car I love zl1's and would take one over a gt500 in a heart beat. Now at the same time the gt500 can easily hit 700whp and in a lighter car although you have a stalled auto which should help make up for that and I wish u the best of luck and will continue to follow your thread. Once again I'm sorry if my last post came off wrong.
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