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I have done a little snooping, and here are the lodging I have come up with. It seems like the motels have been updated and actually fairly affordable. The Mile-0 I know has ample parking, my Mom likes Hotel Deoro, since "He's a nice guy" Both are located in town, easy walking distance to most of the restaurants and events.

616 Main St
250 256-7511
Price $65-$120
I know this one has good parking.

4 Pines Motel
108 8th Ave
250 256-4247
Price $59-$135

Hotel Deoro
639 Main St
250 256-2355
Price $79-$109

Retasket Lodge and RV Park
1264 Bouvette Rd
250 256-2090
Price $84 single occupancy

For those who want to golf, here's the course which I have been told is now 18 holes and you may get the opportunity to play with the sheep
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I also stumbled across this for anyone who may want some extra adventure. Sturgeon fishing and you can stay in a yurt.

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