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Posts: 3,004 John's founder John Schnatter went on a search for a 1972 Z28 Camaro that he sold 25 years earlier to start his first pizza restaurant. He offered $25,000 to anyone who could help him locate the exact car.1 Schnatter found the car in Kentucky in August of 2009, buying it from the most recent owner for $250,000. In honor of the car and the 25th anniversary of Papa John's, Schnatter offerred all Camaro owners a free large pizza on Wednesday, August 26, 2009.1 On November 16, 2009, Papa John's announced that they are offering a 1:64 scale diecast toy version of the z28 Camaro. It sells for $4.99, with $1 from each car sold benefiting the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. The packaging also includes a coupon on the back for a free medium cheese pizza.2 .References1. ab .story2. a FactsFact: Papa John's founder John Schnatter searched for his former Camaro Fact: The 1972 Z28 Camaro was sold in 1985 to start Papa John's Fact: Offered $25,000 for help finding the car Fact: Car was located within 200 miles of the Papa John's headquarters in Kentucky Fact: Paid $250,000 to buy the car from the previous owner Fact: Part of the 25th anniversary celebration of Papa John's Fact: Offered free pizza to Camaro owners on August 26, 2009 Fact: Visit for Camaro news, answers and discussions.
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