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Originally Posted by J-Short View Post
Aw man, where did you get those? I tried to go through dealer, but they said i might void part of my warranty?!?!?

I see everyone is going black and blue so i fugured i would just stay all blue, esp considering how few their are.

MGP Caliper Covers is the company that makes them. You have to go with the customized option to get them in IBM, just select the color in the drop down box. They have some preloaded engraving options available, or you can upload an image for custom engraving, which is what I did. I can't tell if you have a V6 or V8, and I am not sure if there is a difference other than engraving options ("SS" versus "RS" preloaded logos), so I linked both options on their website below.
V6 Version

V8 Version

I am not sure how these would void your warranty. They are very easy to take on and off, so if you did have a break problem you could probably just pop them off before you take your car to the dealer.

EDIT: I see you list your car as a 2013 Metallic Blue. You may want to check your paint code. Imperial Blue Metallic (IBM) was discontinued in 2012, so if you truly have a 2013, it should be the new Blue Ray Metallic (BRM) color that replaced IBM. The colors are similar but BRM is somewhat darker and appears to have a gray tint to it compared to IBM. Here is the Blue Ray Metallic official color thread if that is truly what you have:

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