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I'll be heading directly to Emerald Square Mall this year. If anyone else is going directly there like last year lemme know maybe i can help with formation prep like someone took the time to do last year which was awesome.

Also anyone North of Mass who wants to meet up and roll down in a group lemme know maybe we can meet up in Manchester or Merrimack it's a decent central meeting location. If anyone north of concord say Vermont/Far north NH or Maine isn't looking to leave from way up north that early to be at this i do have plenty of tenting room at my current residence and was given the OK for tenting only by the folks but BBQ etc. will be provided if anyone takes me up on this offer.

Normally those coming from NH meet up in Burlington. Then travel down to Hopkinton and meet up with everyone else before heading to the Mall for the final meet up and picture event.

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