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Originally Posted by TRC-SS View Post
Yea...damn Evil (not so scary) Bee tryin to change our years and years of planning!!

Its a must to have everyone to meet at the rally points to have the last rally be the HUGE rally likes its been. Nothings screams HOLY SHIT like 50+ camaros on the highway!!

Your one to talk Mr. I've got two years of plans that interfere with RICOA... granted the 3B's was a good excuse but not gonna fly two years in a row gonna bring a cardboard cutout of you with a mustache on it. Besides meeting at the Mall doesn't ruin that 50+ Camarovan into RICOA and you more then anyone else knows not to mess with your sugar momma when she has a request that still lets you go to the car show without drugging, black-mailing or kidnapping her.
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