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I actually originally reserved a LT on the Avis website, because they were not showing that they had SSs at the San Jose Airport. When I got there to pick up the LT, I saw 2 different SSs, and asked if I could have one of those instead. The Avis dude said that it would be no problem to make the switch, but that they'd have to charge me $20 more. I told him, make it $15 and we'd have a deal. He said, "OK".

Yeah, now that I've driven a SS, I'd like to drive an LT to compare the two. Although, I'm pretty sure what it's going to be like...same basic car, but with a little less acceleration. The SS emblems are pretty small on the inside, so it's not blatantly obvious that your in an SS visually. Even the rear of the car is extremely similar from a distance, if it's an SS/RS or LT/RS. You have to be pretty close to notice the size difference of the exhaust pipes or the fact that the rear emblem says SS versus RS.

Another observation I made of the SS...the hood scoop is fake. That was hard for me to belive.

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