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If you removed the distributor, it may be 180 off. Check timing.
Is the starter teeth engaging the flywheel / flex plate?
Check map sensor ( tiny black box close to where the heating hoses enter the firewall)
Disconnect the negative battery for a couple mins, then reattach it.
It will go thru idle learn procedure ( don't touch the brakes or throttle during this time)
Also check the ignition control module. They get hot and temperamental.
Replace fuel filter.
Check fuel pressure
If fuel pressure is low replace fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator.
Seafoam it once it's running. ( that gets a lot of carbon and crud off the internal engine parts.
Don't be afraid of all the smoke when sea foaming it. That all the crud burning off. Word of advise though...if you like your neighbors, seafoam the car on a deserted road or parking lot.
When I did mine, neighbors called the fire department due yo all the smoke.

I have a 3.1 v6 ( almost the same as 2.8)
So any questions you have just pm me.

Good luck.
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